Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

December 06, 2018

2018 is really coming to a close! This year flew by quick. I always try to be the best I can be, and 2018 has taught me even more life lessons. Just when I thought I was comfortable, time throws you a curveball—though I welcome each learning lesson brought to me!


A general overview of what’s been going on: I have been laying low and focusing on my health. I am taking care of myself to make sure that I’m 100% for January. I have been taking lots of time off to be with friends, family, and of course, my dogs! I have been taking vacations as well to ease my mind and not stress. I will be honest...I have loved every single moment of the time off. I have invested my time in personal relationships and it's heartwarming to be around those we love. On the back burner of my mind, there are book, clothing, and music ideas in the works. I’m still cookin’! I will be making big moves in 2019. This is very exciting for me and I look forward to new year.

I hope that everyone spends this holiday season with those in their life who bring them happiness! It’s such a special time of the year. There’s something so peaceful and relaxing as we tie up and make our peace with the year. 2018 was great, and 2019 will be even greater! Please be safe and stay warm!

Best wishes,

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