Security and Protection!

Security and Protection!

January 06, 2020

Let me share an update with you all. I want to touch base on the topic of account security on the internet. It seems that one of my accounts had been compromised. To save y’all from the long, drawn out details, I have been going back and forth with customer support in order to regain access to an account that was solely mine with my intellectual property (80 man-hours, if not more). A party was able to change my credentials without my knowledge or approval and gained unauthorized access. How they did it? They messaged customer service and were simply “let in”. I had not been notified via email or otherwise which is standard for any account changes. This was a huge security breach. It had taken me 2 weeks for anyone to return my messages as their company had been on a Christmas winter break—which I totally understand.

Before I go on, what I want to remind everyone is no matter what people say or do, ensure you have screen shots, receipts, and everything to prove your case. This applies in many instances than just this one. Yes, the other party can argue their point or flat out LIE, but there is nothing like a sweet screenshot of evidence to seal the deal—signed and delivered. I have always been pretty organized, but a this was a solid reminder for me to have these important receipts kept in a safe space on hand for situations just like this one. We have to cover our own asses. You never know what someone will do.

Having receipts and proof has been instrumental in me regaining what was rightfully mine back and returned to its original state. Hacking is considered a crime and can be escalated to jail sentences in extreme cases. I feel disgusted that anyone would ever do this and feel in any way that this was reasonably acceptable. I was sick to my stomach while I was going through this. I am one of many who have been a victim of online hacking.

On related note, I’m hoping this new year, everyone can take a moment or a solid week to go through very important information/documents and to keep them in a special place for your own benefit as well as your loved ones (The Marie Kondo Method has helped me with organizing important papers). This includes any wills, living trusts, insurance policies—especially life insurance, etc. If you’re looking to create new policies, now is a great time to get in contact with a lawyer. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a loved one pass away and having to have a fundraiser/GoFundMe to cover funeral costs. On the other hand, we work so hard all our lives and we want our assets to go our loved ones instead of the state or into the wrong hands.

This is a grave reminder to be prepared, and in return, that will take care of your loved ones on a larger scale. We never know what will happen.

I am wishing everyone a happy new year. Please be safe and please, keep your information safe!

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