On Blast Radio

On Blast Radio is a Los Angeles, CA based, inappropriate, reckless, disgusting, unprofessional, yet serious (only on Sundays) radio talk show platform with debauchery and shenanigans. Featuring upcoming and independent artists to spread the universal language of music, On Blast Radio provides the people what they want, but are too afraid to ask for.

On Blast Radio was founded by Vegas on Blast hosts, Kiara Dupree and Carmen Vera, and "Subliminal" Sally (the sex doll). The idea began with the one and only LV Promo Queen as she cursed someone out in the parking lot in a Vegas hotel parking lot. She screamed, “I’m putting Vegas on Blast!”..…and that’s when the f*ckery was born. Dupree met Sally at a Las Vegas night club, [now banned] "The Act". The two met when Sally was thrown into the crowd by a group of horny men at a bachelor party. Dupree and Sally locked eyes. Thus began the lifelong partnership. Dupree brought the idea of the Vegas on Blast show on a small local radio station in Las Vegas where she built began build her following and the Vegas on Blast empire.

Kiara and Sally needed a side kick. Unfortunately, yet conveniently the instafamous author, writer, singer, landlord, podcaster, designer, landlord…[to be continued], Carmen Vera (who later turned THE CARMEN VERA), joined her in the debauchery and train wreck of what was known as Vegas on Blast. Dupree and Vera were friends, and now turned business partners—and possibly jail cell mates in the future.

This double trouble duo brings you the tea from none other than the party city of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada on Vegas on Blast and has provided the opportunity for everyone to have have a piece of f*ckery cake 24/7. Screw the diet!

On Blast Radio is partnered with Eyes Up Radio based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vegas on Blast broadcasts every Wednesday night 9-11 PM PST on Eyes Up Radio and On Blast Radio covering topics that you don’t want your kids to hear, but they already know. So get comfy and don’t be shy! Throw on some PJs, pour yourself a glass of red wine, and tune in for some gossip and entertainment.

Can’t make it on Wednesday nights? That’s just fine! Check us out on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Overcasts, and so much more. Haven't heard of us before? Start catching up! Binging starts now! You’ll hate it, but we know you’ll be back next week.

Support us by checking out our merchandise on http://www.vegasonblast.com. Our “Shut the f*ck up!” necklace is one of our staff favorites. We will donate $5 of every reusable eco bag tote purchase to charities sustaining the earth with renewable energy. We look forward to your response and, of course, criticism that goes directly into our trash can. (But we we do recycle, GO GREEN!)

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