Vegas on Blast

What is Vegas on Blast, you ask?

Vegas on Blast is an inappropriate, reckless, disgusting, unprofessional radio talk show and podcast filled with debauchery and shenanigans on Eyes Up Radio (Las Vegas, NV) and On Blast Radio (Los Angeles, CA). Created in 2017 by the one, the only, LV Promo Queen, Kiara Dupree and sexy doll, Sally, and recently joining her in the f*ckery, Carmen Vera—this triple trouble trio brings you the tea from none other than the party city of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re live every Wednesday 9 PM PST on Eyes Up Radio and On Blast Radio covering topics that you don’t want your kids to hear, but they already know. So get comfy and don’t be shy! Throw on some PJs, pour yourself a glass of red wine, and tune in for some gossip and entertainment. You’ll hate it, but we know you’ll be back next week.

You can stream live here on and or catch us on demand on iTunes, Spotify, and most podcast platforms.

See you Wednesday!

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